The “Izun”(Harmony) Organization


“IZUNBringing back the Balance” organization – Who are we?

“IZUN – Bringing back the Balance” organization (non-profit organization, No. 580359495), founded 23 years ago, is an internationally recognized expert in crisis management among youth and adults and in the treatment of Trauma and P.T.S.D. The organization’s innovative models are considered groundbreaking in their field.


As part of the association, we established the following services:

  • Izun Village” – a unique village in Israel and abroad, established 23 years ago, which provides help for young people in acute mental crisis, using psychoactive substances as self-medication.

Since we opened our gates and up until today, we have treated more than 2200 men and women.


  • Bait Meazen”. (A “balancing” house in the community) –A therapeutic framework for young people and adults coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, established 3.5 years ago. Since its opening, more than 320 young people have been treated there.


  • The Warm Israeli House” in India – a unique center in northern Manali for Israeli “backpackers” during the “big trip” after the army service . It was established 19 years ago, and every year about 15,000 Israeli travelers visit it.


  • “Izunova”-. Following the horrific events of October 7, Nova group who were the producers of the main party that was invaded, have joined with “IZUN” in order to operate support for the survivors. For the initial 6 weeks, we have operated together a safe space in “Cochav HaYam” where every day (13:30-22:00) there are different activities for the survivors as live music, workshops, and social encounters. We have recruited over 200 therapist volunteers, in order to give primary support for survivors who seek it.


  • “Izun-Arena” – A Place for Treatment of Body and Soul. We expect that most survivors will be able to slowly return to their lives, however some will suffer from more severe symptoms and will need additional support. For them, we have built a short-term therapeutic intervention (3 months). This unique response will provide services to some 350 survivors who were found to be the most suitable for the treatment plan after a conducted needs assessment (170 survivors will receive intensive assistance one-three days per week, and an additional 180 survivors will receive online assistance). The services will cover the families of the survivors (an estimated 400 family members) and will be provided over a period of six months. The program will be accompanied by academic research survey.



  • Education, prevention and training center – Training and professional guidance for young people, parents, and professionals for optimal coping with youth and their families with mental health crises and addictions.

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