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Harmony village (Kfar Izun) is an innovative and unique treatment and rehabilitation village, the first of its kind in Israel and around the world. The village provides a therapeutic community for backpackers and young people in crisis between the ages of 18-40, most of whom come from normative-functional backgrounds and are now defined as "dual diagnosis", that is, drug abuse combined with mental impairment.

Over the years that the village has existed, Therefore, a person diagnosed with a persistent disease (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or manic-depression/bipolar disorder) cannot be admitted to the village.

The studies show that the success rate is more than 90%. The uniqueness of the village is expressed in a holistic approach, which combines Western and Eastern treatment theories in an open place, located on the beach in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with lots of warmth and love.

The duration of treatment is relatively short and time-focused: 4-5 months.

The village is a private place, so it allows treatment without registration and without stigma. In 2010, the village completed an expansion project in cooperation with the Rashi Foundation, and now operates in two identical groups of 18-21 patients in each group: the small and intimate group enables support and solidarity among the members of the group and is a source of strength in the treatment.
In August 2011, the village won a tender and signed an agreement with the Ministry of Welfare, according to which the ministry participates in more than half the cost of treatment for the patient.

Harmony Village (Kfar Izun), Kibbutz Sedot Yam, Menashe 37804 | 972-4-6100992, izun@izun.org.il