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Village Director:
Omri Frish – Social Worker, Founder and Director of Harmony Village. Specialist in treatment of drug casualties. Recipient of Recanati-Chais-Rashi Award for Outstanding Social Worker Entrepreneur 2010.

Medical Team:
Dr. Jacob Nachamkin (Medical director and doctor of ‘Beit Rotem’) – Psychiatric expert, forensic department at ‘Sha’ar-Menashe’ Hospital.
Dr.Tal Adiv (doctor of ‘Beit Moshe’) - Specialist in psychiatriy.
Dr.Alon Ashman (doctor of ‘Beit Rotem’) - Specialist in psychiatriy.
Dr.Orit Alfisi (doctor of 'Beit Moshe') - Specialist in psychiatriy.
Fateen Biadsy (nurse) - Qualified nurse.

Community Administrator:
Ronit Ben Efraim – Social Worker MSW, specialist in addiction therapist.

Finance and Administration Director:
Michal Kalash-Drezner – Accountant, BA in Business Administration

Instructors Coordinator:
Natan Stensil – Hydrotherapist, 12 steps instructor, osteopathy student.

Group Therapists:
Pnina Neishul (horticultural therapy) - BA Education and diploma studies in Horticultural Therapy
Zehava Yoselevsky (art therapy) - Art therapist specializing in Jungian psychotherapy
Dafna Caspi (group therapy) - Movement therapist MA and specializing in dynamic psychotherapy
Michal Kanfu (psychodrama) -  Creative and expressive therapist
Hagai Mazli (group therapy) - Rehab-clinical psychologis MA
Dan Erlichman (yoga) - yoga teacher.
Meitar Yehieli (group therapy) - social worker MSW.
Adi Ohana (group therapy) - MA Medical psychlogy, 12 steps instructor.

Beit Rotem:
Rotem Gur Dotan (therapy coordinator) - Social worker MSW, Licensed family therapist.
Evyatar Tamir (family therapy) - Social Worker MSW, Licensed family therapist.
Gabby Friedman (individual therapy) - Social worker MSW.
Ori cohen-shalit (individual therapy) – Clinical psychologist MA.
Merav Zer - Tsfai (family therapy) – Psychlogist, family therapist, group instructor.
Lior Shenfeld (individual therapy) - MA clinical psychologist.
Meitar Yehieli (individual therapy) - Social Worker MSW.
Ilan Zomer (counselor) - BA Education.
Hadas Simon (counselor) - BA Behavioral Sciences.
Sigal Horgin (counselor) - Reflexologist, Shiatsu and Biosynthesis.
Ziki Dafna (counselor) - BA in Criminology.
Anat Eshel (counselor) - Hydrotherapist, Musician.
Emmanuel Aton (counselor) - Social Worker, BA Imago therapist.
Shai Ferber (counselor) - BA in economy and Business Administration.
Tal Yavor (counselor) - Certified NLP, 12 steps instructor.
Adi Geler (counselor) - BA Behavioral sciences.

Beit Moshe:
Moshe Englender (therapy coordinator) – Social Worker MSW.
Orly Shavit (family therapy) – MEd. school advisor.
Tal Rong (individual therapy) - MA Specialist clinical psychologist.
Daniel Dvash (individual therapy) - Clinical Social Worker MSW + counselor of family groups.
Zohar Vizel-Kofman (family therapy) - Social Worker MSW, family therapy.
Limor Dar (individual therapy) - MA psychotherapy and group instructor.
Muli Rosen (counselor) - BA Behavioral sciences, 12 steps instructor.
Itay Choen (counselor) - Communication studies, nautre as a therapy space studies.
Yossi Gidasi (counselor) - Musician, worked with autistics and mentally ill patient.
Ayelet Sarig (counselor) - BA in behavioral Sciences.
Nave Sragai (counselor) - yoga teacher.
Tomer Segal (counselor) - BA in Social Psychology.
Omri Raday (counselor) - BA Psychologg and cognition.
Lilac Ben Ari (counselor) - BA Art and education.
Shahar Amedi (counselor) - MA Criminology.
Body Soul Treatments:
Guy Timor (alternative therapy coordinator) – body psychotherapist.
Tomer Ben David – Kung Fu Instructor.
Anat Rozenwain - Shiatsu and seiki shiatsu therapy.
Tsafrir Nahmani - Chinese medicine therapist.
Rachel Bijaoui - naturopath, nutrition, therapist, reflexologist, Bach Flowers.
Inbal Meiri - Shiatsu therapist.
Yotam Barlev - body psychotherapist.

Addiction treatment:
Guy Timor - Body psychotherapist, 12 Steps instructor.
Rotem Gur Dotan - Social worker MSW, licensed family therapist, 12 steps instructor.
Moshe Englender - Social worker MSW, 12 steps instructor.
Muli Rosen (counselor) - BA Behavioral sciences, 12 steps instructor.
Ilan Zomer (counselor) - BA Education, 12 steps instructor.

Irit Asa (Head secretary) – Business Administration and Senior Administration.
Tom Shabtai (secrotary) - Interactive communication practical engineer.
Yoel Goldberg (Housefather) - Coach Martial Arts and fitness.
Liora Gilboa (bookkeeping) – Bookkeeping, salary accounting and Human Resources.
Yossi Nisim (salary accountant) – Salary accounting - Granot Plants Ltd.
Harmony Village (Kfar Izun), Kibbutz Sedot Yam, Menashe 37804 | 972-4-6100992, izun@izun.org.il