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Mental crisis casualties

Mental crisis casualties

Youth, after high school and the army who, during a trip or in various workshops in Israel for meditation, in ashrams, under various gurus or powerful spiritual and mental experiences, become unbalanced and unable to function in their daily lives. These crises are sometimes expressed as psychoses, anxiety, depression, paranoia and more.
The treatment concept is based on the principles of “states of mental crisis” and the special “treatment language” for mental crisis patients.
The Village has experience with this population and in its work combines holistic treatment that embodies Eastern and Western theories with an approach that meets the needs of this specific group.

The Village affords them an opportunity to receive treatment without registration and stigma, in an environment that resembles the place where they were negatively affected. The patients are expected to be rehabilitated within a limited period of up to 4 months, which is accomplished through holistic treatment administered by professionals from a wide range of specialities who guide and support, and peers who have shared similar experiences.

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