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Post trauma

Post trauma

From experience accumulated over the years, it appears that many young adults who came to the Village while experiencing a mental crisis or addiction, demonstrate post traumatic symptoms. There are several causes of this, among them traumatic events during the army service, physical or sexual abuse during the course of their lives, bereavement and more.


The treatment in the Village constitutes an address, among others, for this specific population, who till now found a solution only in psychiatric wards. Here the youth have the opportunity to receive treatment without registration and stigma, in an open environment. The patients are expected to be rehabilitated within a limited period of up to 5 months, and to acquire tools for coping with the trauma in their lives. Treatment is administered by professionals from a wide range specialties, based on a holistic approach. The work is carried out in similar small groups, where the patients work through their experiences together with others who experienced similar trauma. 


The Village staff works in collaboration with rehabilitation agencies in the community. During the treatment period the staff members and personal therapist together with the patient and the family formulate long-term programs according to his/her abilities and needs.

The Village is recognized as a provider of the Ministry of Defense for people recognized by the Rehabilitation Department of the ministry.

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