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Multiple disturbances

Multiple disturbances

Young adults who are diagnosed as suffering from mental illness or disturbance and who in addition appear to suffer from varying degrees of addiction to hallucinatory drugs, types of cannabis (hash and marijuana), cocaine, hagigat and alcohol (where the level of addiction permits treatment in an open environment).


From our experience these youth have difficulty leading an independent life and functioning normally. They need a framework that combines treatment, support and boundaries that allow them to cope with quitting the habits, while integrating in the treatment community in order to achieve mental balance.


Treatment is given by professionals who are experts in the fields of addictions, combined with participation in the “12 Steps” program and signing up with N.A. groups.

The mental treatment is accompanied by a full time psychiatrist.


The aim of the Village is to serve as an address for this specific population, while affording them an opportunity to receive treatment in an open environment together with clear boundaries and emphasizing close follow-up.

Harmony Village (Kfar Izun), Kibbutz Sedot Yam, Menashe 37804 | 972-4-6100992, izun@izun.org.il