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Mental disabilities

Mental disabilities

Harmony Village is suited for young adults who become mentally disabled following drug abuse, or who have a background of drug abuse and who suffer from mental disturbance or illness.


The Ministry of Health has recognized the Village as a hostel on the highest level, for those eligible for mental health rehabilitation basket services, for youth with 40% mental disability (of National Insurance Institute) who meet the criteria of the Rehabilitation Basket Committee. We treat both people recognized by the Ministry of Health and those not yet recognized, where the process of the Rehabilitation Basket Committee can be completed during the course of the patient’s stay in the Village.


What makes the Village unique for this population is the holistic treatment given in an open environment, in an intimate place, while respecting private space and preserving and improving functional abilities.


The young adults live with other youngsters who are coping with similar situations. Treatment is limited in time and lasts for about 5 months.

The team members are professional and skilled in the field of mental treatment and rehabilitation and accompany the patients throughout their stay in the Village. The Village staff works in collaboration with rehabilitation agencies in the community and throughout the period the staff members and personal therapist together with the patient and the family formulate long-term programs according to his/her abilities and needs.

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