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Youth after high school and army, who embarked on the post army “big trip” and returned, or were rescued abroad following some mental breakdown (states of psychosis, anxiety, depression, paranoia, etc) due mainly to the use of hallucinatory drugs (LSD, Ecstasy, cactuses, types of cannabis - hash and marijuana) or following various extreme spiritualexperiences.


The Village was established with the purpose of being a therapeutic environment to address and treat this specific population, which previously could only find treatment in closed psychiatric wards.

The Village affords them an opportunity to receive treatment without registration and stigma, in an open environment that resembles the place where they were negatively affected. The patients are expected to be rehabilitated within a limited period of up to 4 months, which is accomplished through holistic treatment administered by professionals from a wide range of specialities who guide and support, and peers who have shared similar experiences.

Harmony Village (Kfar Izun), Kibbutz Sedot Yam, Menashe 37804 | 972-4-6100992, izun@izun.org.il